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SKOSH! Another reason to head to York…

York already has a fantastic pedigree when it comes to great restaurants. According to the Guardian’s Jay Rayner, that pedigree just got even better.

Mr Rayner has reviewed “Skosh” this week and concluded it is another great reason to visit the wonderful city of York. He quickly dispels with any excuses for not making the journey:

Here’s what you need to know. You can get from London to York by train in 1 hour and 51 minutes. From Edinburgh, it’s 2 hours 24 minutes. From Birmingham, it’s 2 hours 9 minutes, from Liverpool 1 hour 54 minutes and from Manchester, a mere 1 hour and 14 minutes.

The food writer enthuses about the food and the no-nonsense style of the restaurant – and we can’t wait to go!

Read Jay Rayner’s full article for the Guardian here: Jay Rayner: Skosh

You can also find out what local restaurant blogger “York on a Fork” thought about Skosh here: