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Our Steam Train Guarantee

There is something incredible special about steam trains; the noise, the heat, the smell, the soot, the power, the history, the nostalgia, the pure joy! Travelling by steam train is a truly wonderful way to relive the golden age of rail travel.

When you join Grand Yorkshire for our ‘Steam Trains, Whitby and the Moors’ day trip from York, we’ll give you the chance to travel across the Moors on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. And we guarantee your journey will be steam hauled, or we’ll pay for your ticket.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is a heritage railway operating a mixture of historic steam trains and heritage diesels (you can read about the steam trains running on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway by clicking here). Staffed almost entirely by enthusiastic volunteers, the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is one of the most popular and successful steam train operators in the world and is certainly the biggest and best steam railway in Yorkshire. Although most their scheduled services are steam-hauled, several the trains they run are diesel services.

Grand Yorkshire’s ‘Steam Train Guarantee’ means we will do everything possible to ensure your journey on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is pulled by one of the fantastic steam engines. Our itinerary is flexible enough to allow us to amend the order of the day to ensure we get you onto a steam service, while still including everything on the day’s itinerary. The only reason your journey wouldn’t be steam-hauled would be in the event of a last-minute breakdown or service cancellation. And on these very rare occasions, if we can’t get you onto a steam service, we’ll pay for your diesel-hauled train journey across the North York Moors.

On this incredible popular day trip from York you’ll travel through the North Yorkshire countryside as part of a small-group tour by minibus. You’ll visit the medieval market town of Helmsley before crossing the heart of the spectacularly wild and rugged North York Moors. You’ll explore the quaint and mysterious seaside town of Whitby and you’ll travel by steam train (guaranteed!) on the magical North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Click here for further details and to book this small-group day trip from York to Whitby and the North York Moors.